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(Okayama, Japan, 22 Jan) Pioneering research from Okayama University on surgical treatment of congenital heart disease & inflammation & diabetic nephropathy, to plant activators to protect crops, DNA sequencing of barley & piezoelectric actuator for cryogenic temperature

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Source: Okayama University, Japan, Planning and Public Information Division
For immediate release: 22 January 2013

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(Okayama, Japan, 22 January 2013) From pioneering insights into topics ranging from surgical treatment of congenital heart disease and inflammation and diabetic nephropathy, to plant activators to protect crops, DNA sequencing of barley, and piezoelectric actuator for cryogenic temperature

Contents of the January 2013 issue of Okayama University e-Bulletin:


Professor Shunji Sano
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Science: Benchmark for Surgical Treatment of Congenital Heart Disease.

Okayama University Hospital surgeons perform a record 100 lung transplants at the university's Organ Transplant Center since its opening in 2011 exceeding any other hospital in Japan.

International symposium on Structure and Dynamics of Photosynthetic Systems

Okayama University Holds Special Lecture: Higgs Boson-the Last Elementary Particle

Research highlights
Inflammation and diabetic nephropathy
One of the most challenging issues in clinical nephrology is the relentless and progressive increase in the number of patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) worldwide.

Identification of new plant activator compounds for sustainable agriculture
Plant activators are chemical compounds that protect crops from diseases in the field by activating the plant's immune system. Unlike pesticides, plant activators are not overcome by drug resistant pathogens, and thus provide durability.

A new future for an old crop: barley enters the genomics age
First cultivated more than 15,000 years ago, barley is the world's fourth most important cereal crop both in terms of area of cultivation and in quantity of grain produced.

Piezoelectric actuator for cryogenic temperature
Piezoelectric actuators find a wide range of applications in scientific instruments and industrial equipment. This is because piezoelectric actuators can generate large stress, have simple structures and are not significantly affected by external electromagnetic fields.

Intellectual Property and Enterprise

The invention of an antibody drug for the treatment of brain infarction
Brain infarction is one of the major causes of death in industrially advanced countries. In ischemic stroke, interruption of blood flow by thrombus or embolus induces neuronal death in the ischemic core as a result of the inability to maintain membrane ion gradients in neurons, excitotoxicity due to elevated glutamate levels, and disruption of the blood-brain barrier. A diversity of neuroprotective candidate drugs targeting varieties of factors associated with ischemic insult have been subjected to preclinical and clinical studies. Despite these extensive efforts, an effective therapy has not yet been successfully established.


Letters from alumni
Nguyen Quang Co
Doctoral student at the Division of Agricultural and Life Science, Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science, Okayama University

Okayama Travelogue
Kurashiki: Time slip to an era of monochrome storehouses, weeping willows, and stone bridges

Club Activities
Okayama University Dance Club: Contemporary dance with a hint of ballet

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Published: 22 Jan 2013


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