The Power of Light - 1st Biomedical Imaging Symposium at UNIST-OLYMPUS Biomedical Imaging Center

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) hosted an international symposium at the UNIST-OLYMPUS Biomedical Imaging Center (UOBC) on February 19, 2013 with over 100 participants including international scholars, medical professionals, business leaders, researchers and students.

The symposium theme was “The Power of Light: Current Imaging Technology for Biomedical Research” which focused on research in cell nano-structures using high resolution microscopic technology.

The symposium consisted of three sessions:
- Emerging New Technology
- Interacting Biomedical Imaging with Engineering
- In VIVO Brain mapping and Imaging

At the symposium, the latest research trends using super-resolution in bio-imaging technology and biomedical were discussed. This was followed by an award ceremony for the researchers who had published their research results in leading scientific journals.

Professor Suh (chairman of the organizing Committee, UNIST) said “One of the major goals of this symposium is to bring together top-notch investigators working in biology, applied biology, engineering, chemistry, and medical science to foster collaborations and a better understanding of biological systems"

Akira Saito (DVM, Olympus), Chan-Gi Pack (Ph.D, RIKEN), Sunghoe Chang (Seoul National University) and other world class scholars gave talks about respected fields.

UOBC was established in October 2009 to enhance the convergence research capability by combining nano-bio and medical imaging. It intends to pursue collaborative research in the application of the latest technologies in Bio-Technology and Nano-Technology, as well as provide state-of –the-art technologies in life science.


Published: 22 Feb 2013

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