Turn a used-empty bottle to a heart-warming personalized donation kit

S Cube Design Lab, designers from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) received the Silver A’Design Award at the A’DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION with “Puncheart”, a squeeze punch. More than 4500 art works from about 140 countries entered this competition.

‘Puncheart’ makes a coin hole on the cap of used empty bottle which is then used as a personalized donation kit. The winner is ‘S Cube Design Lab’, a team from The School of Design and Human Engineering, UNIST. The team members are Prof. Seonhee Jung, two graduate students, Yeunghun Kim and Sojeong Kim, and four undergraduate students, Jieun Bae, Seungeun Jeon, Kwangmin Cho, and Eunyoung Choi.

The team, S Cube Design Lab, focused on encouraging people to donate more actively by making personalized donation boxes. Specifically, they wanted everyone involved in creating these donation systems to participate with an open heart and an interactive spirit.

The winner of this award received two free invitation tickets for the Award Winners’ Gala Night & Ceremony on April 15th 2013, at Como, Italy. The black-tie event included prominent industry members, magazine editors and press, giving the participants a chance to connect and make new relationships.

Prof. Jung noted “Some people think that we just created a heart-shaped punching tool. However, we believe that this product can change people’s behavior. Furthermore, changed behavior can stimulate other people to donate more actively, thereby creating a new donation culture.”

She also said about their future plan, “We expect this design to have a real-world application suitable as a tool for donations. In order to do that, we are planning to contact charitable organizations such as UNICEF or Save the Children and introduce our idea and product. Then, we will find a manufacturing company to produce it.”


SeonHee Jung is the Head of the School of Design and Human Engineering at UNIST. Before she joined UNIST for setting this new trans-disciplinary design-engineering education program, she had worked as a principal designer at Samsung Electronics where she was responsible for a strategic design team (HA) and led multi-disciplinary innovative product development projects. She earned her B.S. in Industrial Design from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and M.Arch in Architecture from Harvard University, USA.

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