Asia Research News 2014 is now live

Read about breakthroughs in graphene, photonics and energy research, the impact of global migration, secret lives of elephants, 3000-year-old tombs, robots destroying breast cancer cells, the world’s first synthesizer for traditional bamboo instruments, a new heavy ion accelerator, gender bias in health systems and more in Asia Research News 2014

Hooray, Asia Research News 2014 is now live.

Asia Research News highlights key research projects conducted by our partner institutions and those working with partners in Asia. From a 3000-year-old tomb to 21st Century robots, this issue showcases many exciting advances in research.

Read about South Korea joining the international race to discover stable superheavy elements, breakthroughs in graphene, photonics and energy research, and advancements that will save lives in our technology and construction pages.

In our agriculture and environment sections, find out about an app that tells farmers how much fertiliser to use, a genetic technique to enhance plant growth by increasing leaf pores, and a conservation project using satellites and cameras to mitigate
human-elephant conflict.

Our health section highlights a robot that uses radio waves to destroy breast cancer cells, a traditional herb for osteoporosis,
and artificial membranes that speed up drug development while reducing costs.

Finally, among other research, our people section profiles efforts to preserve a 450 year-old language online, and the
world's first music synthesizer to recreate the sounds of traditional bamboo instruments.

You can read the online version and download a PDF from the link. Enjoy reading and we welcome your feedback.

If you have exciting research to share with us, please contact Magdeline Pokar at [email protected]


Molecular link between exercise and depression - Page 41


Regulating temperature of tarsiers and tree shrews in the tropics - Page 51

Published: 24 Apr 2014


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