A safety helmet reminding assembly

Developed by the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, this invention warns motorcycle riders if their helmet is worn incorrectly.

Technology description

The invention is a safety helmet reminding assembly that relies on a detecting camera, an analysis device, and the ignition system of the motorcycle to generate a warning signal to remind the motorcycle rider to wear a helmet properly.

Technology highlights

• An analysis device in communication with a detecting camera with a system for recognising the presence or absence of the rider’s safety helmet as well as the prescribed standard for a safety helmet with chin strap securely strapped or properly fastened.

• The ignition system coupled with a warning signal when the fuel-burning ignition system of the motorcycle is functioning according to its assigned level.

• Able to generate a warning message for failing to wear the safety helmet and chin strap properly.

Potential applications

• Vehicle production companies.

• Motorcycle riders.

IP status/references: Patent pending - PI2013701584; Filing date: 04/09/2013

Lead researcher

Prof. Ir. Dr. Riza Atiq Abdullah
Email: [email protected]