The Mega Trends - a Malaysian Perspective

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) Congress takes place across eighteen cities annually and is a platform to discuss key trends, creating new possibilities, business models and opportunities.

Mr Barry Lim, Director, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific

Mega trends are transformative, global forces that define the future world with their far reaching impact on business, societies, economies, cultures and personal lives.

Mr. Barry Lim, Director, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific said that Malaysia’s social networking users are expected to nearly double to 25.6 million in 2020. The country is expected to have 125 million connected devices in 2025 with more than 58 million mobile subscribers.

“95 per cent of all netizens, or Internet users, will be active social network users, presenting a huge potential for digital marketing and eCommerce,” Mr. Lim said in his joint presentation with Ms. Archana Amarnath, Director of Visionary Innovation Research Group, Frost & Sullivan and Ms. Rhenu Bhuller, Partner and Senior Vice President of Healthcare, Frost & Sullivan at the congress. Together, they shared a total of 11 Mega Trends that Frost & Sullivan predicted for Malaysia.

Mr. Lim also said that the Internet economy (iGDP) market is expected to contribute 16 per cent (US$90 billion) to the GDP by 2025, up from 4.3 per cent in 2010 as the importance of Internet and digitally-connected solutions grows in the economy.