2nd International Conference on Postgraduate Education

Postgraduate education in the Asian region is now facing many challenges especially in terms of stabilising and expanding its organisation and roles to face global changes.

Most of the universities that deal with postgraduate education in the developing world, face various issues and grave challenges to be equally competent alongside their overseas counterparts, both in teaching and research programs. Therefore, it is hoped that this conference will discuss issues universities are facing in the best models, which can be adopted by the universities in Malaysia and in other developing countries to be more competitive and efficient in the management of postgraduate programs.

* To discuss how the universities can raise the management of the postgraduate programmes to world standards.
* To discuss policy matters concerning the management of postgraduate education in Malaysia.
* To identify ‘best practices’ in postgraduate education management.

Topics to be Discussed
* Management and maintenance of quality postgraduate research
* Governance and administration of postgraduate centres
* Development of excellent postgraduate education

Benefits from the Conference
* Overall improvement of postgraduate governance
* Infusion of enterprising and competent research culture
* Enhancing quality of postgraduate supervision

Who should attend

* University managers
* Education officers
* Education consultants
* Academicians
* Policymakers
* Educationists
* Edupreneurs
* Postgraduate students

From 27 Nov 2006
Until 28 Nov 2006
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