"Gig Economy: Disruptive Innovation or Exploitation Opportunities?"

Forum organised by University of Malaya, 19th February 2019

Freelancing and participation in gig economy is getting more popular, especially among millennials who prefer flexible working conditions and job-hopping. Unlike full-time workers who focus on a lifetime career, freelancers or gig workers thrive in pursuing temporary and flexible jobs offered by clients, normally with very specific scope and instructions.

“Gig economy has grown by 31% in 2017”, a growth figure that surpassed the conventional workforce according to EPF Malaysia.

Although the gig economy has increased the work efficiency and reduce the cost of doing business, it is also raising concerns on social safety nets, financial security, retirement plans, health and wellbeing. Life can be stressful and challenging without savings for the future. In addition, the ability to work may be reduced due to sickness, aging, reduction of competitive edge and other factors.

A recently published study by Oxford University highlighted that the working autonomy and flexibility associated with the digital gig economy often lead to long, irregular and anti-social working hours which can contribute to sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

There have been several discourses on the benefits, impact and challenges of gig economy on Malaysians. Unlike in traditional education system, the requirement for survival in the gig economy emphasises competency in specific skill sets rather than general education requirements.

This forum shall attempt to assess the various impacts of participation in gig economy especially from the higher education viewpoint and what can be done to ensure sufficient preparation and adaptation are made by both academia and industry in addressing this new working phenomenon.

Our media partners for this event will include Asia Research News and EfM Radio.

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From 19 Feb 2019
Until 19 Feb 2019
KPPI Auditorium, University of Malaya
Kuala Lumpur
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