2nd Training Course on Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics of Insect Vectors of Human Diseases

Training course on "Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics of Insect Vectors of Human Diseases"

2nd Training Course on Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Applied to Insect Vector of Human Diseases

Sponsored by UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/ WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR)

Organized by Center for Bioinformatics and Applied Genomics (CBAG) and Center for Vector and Vector-Borne Diseases (CVVD), Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, September 19-30, 2005

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The completion of the Anopheles gambiae genome and genomes of other vectors of medical importance have provided unprecedented opportunities for scientists to study vector-pathogen interactions that are central to disease pathogenesis and treatment. Through integration of advanced and high throughput gene expression technologies, the processes of identifying new antigens and new drug targets could be accelerated and hence morbidity and mortality caused by vector-borne diseases could be reduced. The trainin g course on bioinformatics and functional genomics applied to insect vectors of human diseases is part of the activities of RCS-Plus of WHO/TDR to strengthen the research capacity of scientists from disease-endemic countries (DEC) and to develop their skills in
exploiting genome data of insect vectors, parasites and hosts through the application of bioinformatics and post-genomics tools in molecular entomology research.

About the training course

This will be a 2-week training course with lectures, hands-on and/or demonstrations. Emphasis will be placed on the current knowledge of molecular entomology and genomic approaches to study vector-host-pathogen interactions, and exploitation of computational
tools and advanced cutting-edge technology for the study vector genomes. The course will consist of lectures and theoretical sessions in the morning and hands-on sessions in a computer laboratory in the afternoon. Time will be allocated in the evenin g to follow-up the course contents and to do some scripting exercises. Each participant will be provided with a computer during the training course. The selected participants will receive training materials and documents on the main topics covered. Objectives of the course

The objectives of this training course are:

1) to train individuals in the use of computational tools for searching and analyzing genomes of vectors of medical importance; and

2) to develop a sustainable research network focused on the applications of bioinformatics and functional genomic approaches to study vectors and pathogens.


Advanced PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and young faculty members who are active in entomological research and are working on insect vectors causing diseases of medical importance and have plans to apply bioinformatics and post-genomics tools for their future research are highly encouraged to apply.

Criteria for Selection

Fifteen participants (preferentially from Asia and Southeast Asia) will be selected. The selection criteria include:

- Good biochemistry and molecular biology background
- Demonstrated computer skills and ability to use basic bioinformatics tools
- Fluent in English
- Involvement in entomological research preferentially insect vector(s) causing diseases of TDR portfolio (see http://www.who.int/tdr/ for more details)
- Provision of applying the training skills for research in home institution
- Available for the entire duration of the course

Course Contents

Follows are provisional topics to be included in the two-week training course:

- Bioinformatics and computing network: an overview
- TDR-pathogens and vector genomes, fundamental of genome/genome sequencing
- Important databases, database retrieval tools and data evaluation and data analysis
- Introduction to EMBOSS Package
- Genome comparison, functional annotation and annotation tools
- Gene prediction and gene prediction tools
- Sequence alignments, molecular evolution and phylogenetic reconstruction
- Genes and genome organization of insect vectors, genetic maps and physical maps
- Expression system and transposable elements in insect vectors
- Molecular biology of endosymbionts, pathogens and parasites transmitted by insect vectors, insect vector-human host-microbe
- DNA microarrays, applications for research on vectors, hosts and pathogens
- Proteomics and functional genomics analysis of vectors and pathogens
- Transgenic vectors, transformation methodologies and potential applications

Application Procedure

The applicants MUST complete the application form which is available at the course website. All applications MUST BE submitted ONLINE (paper application will not be accepted). The deadline for submitting the application is August 5, 2005. Two reference letters (scanned letters with letter-head and signatures) from supervisors and/or senior colleagues MUST BE sent via attached mail to [email protected] by August 5, 2005. The reference letters MUST indicate why strong supports are given to the applicant and also need to describe how the institution and the applicant would benefit from attending this course.

Venue of the training course

Center for Bioinformatics and Applied Genomics (CBAG), Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Rama VI Rd., Bangkok 10400, Thailand


There is no registration fee for the course. Selected applicants will be provided training materials, economy round-trip airfare,
accommodation and food during the entire period of the training course.

Course language: English

Further Information:

Professor Worachart Sirawaraporn
Department of Biochemistry and Center for Bioinformatics and Applied
Genomics (CBAG)
Faculty of Science
Mahidol University
Rama VI Rd.
Bangkok 10400

Tel.: 66-2-201-5605
Fax: 66-2-248-0375
Email: mailto:[email protected]

Important Dates

Announcement of Course: July 1, 2005
Application Deadline: August 5, 2005
Notification of Participants: August 12, 2005
Deadline for Acceptance by Participants: August 17, 2005
Course Dates: September 19-30, 2005

From 19 Sep 2005
Until 30 Sep 2005
Center for Bioinformatics and Applied Genomics (CBAG), Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
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