Bancassurance - Achieving Operational Excellence

Bangkok, Thailand - Bancassurance is set to take off in a big way across Asia. With Europe leading the rest of the world, having 50%-70% of new business being generated through the banking networks, Asian banks poise themselves to become the new wave of leading-edge insurance service distribution channels.

With the growth of bancassurance (banca) in the Asia Pacific region, especially South East Asia, both banks and insurers have come together in an effort to marry their strengths and provide a universal financial services centre. Now that most banks and insurers are married, however, the honeymoon is over; it’s time to look at the day-to-day matters in order to make the marriage work! Technological, regulatory and cultural problems make this road a less than smooth one. The million-dollar question is, therefore: who cleans the floors and who does the dishes? Does hubby wash the laundry and wifey take out the garbage?

Unlike the previous conference, special attention is paid to the operational aspects that make or break banca partners. While looking at the underlying assumptions and presumptions both the bank and insurer partners make, and ensuring that participants will be thoroughly familiar with emerging trends, the focus will be solidly and tightly on operations within the banks and insurers, and how best to optimise for performance and productivity – from the bottom up.

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From 12 Feb 2007
Until 13 Feb 2007
Bangkok, Thailand
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