Corporate Reputation & Communication Conference

Jakarta, Indonesia - Harnessing the power of new generation communication strategies to stay competitive in a changing world

In this information age, information preparedness is imperative for an organization to direct or shift strategy at the same speed at which external events are occurring. Every wrong move made by your organization is magnified by the media. Newswires and media broadcast can report news with lightning speed and the absence of a strategic approach to communication can be potentially devastating to corporate image or stock value. In addition, upward pressure on sustaining good reputation and demand for transparency has driven companies to step up their communication efforts with customers and stakeholders in a holistic way, to send consistent key messages across all communication channels to targeted audiences with utmost precision and speed.

With the successive natural disasters (e.g. SARS, tsunami and Bali bombing) that hit Indonesia in recent years, many companies are fast recognizing the importance of news management and the monitoring and evaluation of corporate identity, corporate advertising, organizational reputation and overall corporate performance as key to building good corporate reputation and achieve competitive advantage.

In order to address these challenges, this event is designed to provide you the opportunity to hear case studies from leading practitioners on what is working in corporate reputation and communication management today. It will also prompt you to stretch beyond your current thinking and explore innovative strategies to prepare your organization for future challenges.

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From 06 Mar 2007
Until 07 Mar 2007
Jakarta, Indonesia
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