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Thailand - Awakening the Asian Tigers’ exporting potential to leverage in on the current trend of globalisation and increase market share in the fast growing Asian economy

Despite international initiatives to reduce global trade barriers, ease international transportation, and achieve global understanding on trade agreements, international trade remains a highly regulated and complicated arena to compete in.

Global economy volatility and trade restrictions are among the main issues for SEA exporters. Early planning is paramount in the success and smooth operations of export activities. Every hour spent complying with import and export regulations is a cost. Inefficient planning and systems increase costs and can lead towards penalties and even the seizure and forfeiture of goods.

The lush market potentials of China, India, Brazil and other emerging markets have opened up for trade and investment. In spite of this, it will take a business more than just a good product, a well connected distributor, a fast ship or plane to capture and retain a piece of the ever changing terrain of international trade.

Developing a successful import/export strategy is crucial to any company that wants to be taken seriously in today’s modern globalised world. It is the difference between a small local company with limited scope for growth and a large multi-national player that sees world as its marketplace. But developing a successful export strategy requires commitment, attention to detail and most importantly, the ability to adapt and change to suit the fast changing international markets.

Learn how to leverage on sustainable export strategies, building international reputational stability on a volatile economy, strengthen your fleet of distributors and become a strategic exporting leader in the very competitive international markets of Globalisation.

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