Revenue Optimisation for Product Markets

Thailand - Evolving strategic revenue management practices to promote competitiveness and generate advantageous revenue opportunity for manufacturing related industries

Current revenue and pricing management principles and strategies has largely focused on hospitality and transportation industries such as the airlines, hotels and even retail sales due to their product characteristics.

The manufacturing industry is picking up on related revenue management principles and assimilating these strategies to increase revenue and push profit margins. Although the integration of pricing with production in manufacturing is still in its early stages, coordinating these aspects with the supply chain offers significant opportunity to improve efficiency and strengthen the bottom line.

With the advent of high tech and high speed networks, multiple channels help bring pricing power to the fingertips allowing micro management to balance out the age old volatility of demand and supply.

Establishing and customising a revenue and pricing strategy is crucial in a global battlefield where split second decision and timing can build or break. Foresight is key. But first, you will need to know what you are looking for.

Learn how to leverage on sustainable revenue and profit maximisation tactics, building strategic informational databases to predict and address optimal demand curves, strengthening CRM bonds through value added products and boost your market share percentage.

From 08 Mar 2007
Until 09 Mar 2007
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