Strategic Workforce Planning Workshop

Hong Kong : Driven by new business challenges and powered by new technology, strategic workforce planning has become a critical business process. This workshop will evaluate the 'Top Down' and 'Bottom Up' methodologies.

It enables organizations to project the human capital they will need to execute business strategy, and provides senior executives with forecasts for costs and consequences of business scenarios. This workshop will evaluate two current approaches to strategic workforce planning: the 'Top Down' and 'Bottom Up' methodologies.

From the Top-Down: A growing number of multinational companies have implemented workforce planning. Yet a corporate-driven process may not produce workforce projections and staffing assumptions that are accurate for the company’s off-shore operations. How can the country HR executive use local workforce and business data to build more accurate forecasts?

From the Bottom-Up: Many other companies have not yet implemented strategic workforce planning or have just begun to do so. In the absence of a company-wide process or tools, can a country-level HR executive mine workforce data and business plans to accurately forecast future needs? Are such projections
credible to senior leaders?

This workshop is designed for HR leaders who want to implement strategic workforce planning or enhance its accuracy and impact on the business. Participants will hear findings from Conference Board research, learn how strategic workforce planning plays out on-the-ground in Asia Pacific, and discuss challenges and
obstacles with peers and presenters.

Contact details : (852) 2804 1026 [email protected]

From 13 Mar 2007
Until 13 Mar 2007
Hong Kong
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