4th Bottom Line Improvement Asia 2007 Conference

This conference should provide two full days of high calibre discussions triggered by papers presented by representatives from the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries covering Middle East, Indian subcontinent, China, Japan, Korea, ASEAN and Oceania.

The downstream Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries in the Republic of Indonesia face particular challenges. Petrochemical production is relatively modest in size relative to the population compared with other ASEAN countries. The supply and demand of crude oil and refined products currently places pressure to increase sour crude processing and requires substantial balancing product imports. These are the reasons why the 4th Bottom Line Improvement conference focuses on Indonesia’s need to invest in existing and new production facilities, while maximising the value of the in-place facilities.

The conference aims to enable companies in the oil refining and petrochemicals industries to share their views and experiences in the following areas:
Supply/Demand expectations in petroleum and petrochemicals

Increasing pressure on refining and petrochemicals facilities to optimize performance

Exploiting possible synergies between refining/chemicals/power generation/others

Trends in product quality and cost effective means to meet those requirements

Ways to increase capacity and product quality of conversion units

Improving utilization (mechanical reliability/operational availability)

Improving energy performance

This should provide each participant with insights in what does and what does not work, and hence help each participant to find opportunities to improve the bottom line of their own operations. The business objective of bottom line improvement needs to be supported by advanced technologies, application of best practices, selective use of composites and by making sure the hearts and minds of the whole organization are aligned to the common goal. These aspects are in line with Hydrocarbon Asia’s continued editorial focus on business challenges faced by the industry and strategic as well as technical and human relations solutions to address these challenges. ASEAN and Oceania.

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From 01 Apr 2007
Until 03 Apr 2007
Jakarta, Indonesia
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