5th Pakistan Oil, Gas & Energy Exhibition and Conference

POGEE Conference brings together one of the largest international gathering of energy professionals and industry leaders to explore business opportunities in this part of the world.

With Pakistan's economic growth averaging over 6.5% in the last few years, the requirement of Energy in Pakistan has significantly increased. Every industry/household in Pakistan requires more Energy and therefore in order to keep pace with the industrial development, the Government of Pakistan has dveveloped a comprehensive plan for the identification and acquisition of the required Energy resources over the next decade.

To meet the energy requirements of the country, and in order to achieve the up-gradation and construction of multi billion dollar projects the Government of Pakistan has started the process of privatization/liberalization of the Energy industry. Currently the private sector is taking the leading role in all Energy related projects thereby attracting one of the highest levels of Foreign Direct Investment in this sector.

Due to its strategic location, Pakistan is also positioning to become a major energy hub in the region, serving as a corridor for the international supply routes of energy from the landlocked Central Asian States / Middle East to the energy starved markets of India and China.
POGEE, for the fifth successful year in 2007, has become the perfect interactive platform in bringing together the leading suppliers of machinery and technology for this emerging regional energy industry.

This annual conference not only provides a setting to attend presentations and tutorials by leading experts in the world's energy market, but also creates an opportunity for networking, collaboration, sharing of technical information and development of new business relationships.

POGEE Conference continues to enjoy a steady increase in international and local participation and is represented by overwhelming attendance from government, commercial and research/educational communities. For 3 years the Conference has been the premier event for industry updates and has built a solid reputation as one of the most professional and business oriented conferences in the industry.

In lieu of the thriving role of POGEE Conference in the World Energy Industry, next POGEE Conference has been planned from 17-18 May 2007. The Conference will move a step ahead and will focus on the industry players and the challenges they face in the ever changing Asian market.

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From 16 May 2007
Until 19 May 2007
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