Energy and the Environment: The Challenge for Asia and the Global Community

Hong Kong - The demand for energy in Asia is spiraling and as countries in the region continue their rapid pace of development, Asia’s thirst for energy will be more difficult to satisfy. What the effects of the region’s rising energy needs? What is the impact on the environment and what are the policy implications for the region?

Professor Simon Tay will examine the nexus between energy, the environment, and regional policy. Professor Tay is Chairman of SIIA and teaches international and public law at the National University of Singapore. Since 2002, he has been Chairman of Singapore’s National Environmental Agency. In Fall 2003, he was a visiting professor, teaching at the Harvard Law School and Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy. He was a Nominated Member of Parliament (1997-2001) for three terms and sits on a number of international and regional expert panels. His research interests include the environment, governance and sustainable development issues in East Asia, and international law and human rights issues. Professor Tay received his LL.M from Harvard University.

From 24 Apr 2007
Until 24 Apr 2007
Hong Kong
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