International Symposium on the Holistic Computational Science

The Research Center for the Holistic Computational Science of the TUS Research Institute for Science and Technology is to hold an international symposium on the theme "Frontiers in Computational Science of Nanoscale Transport" in conjunction with the Atomistix Workshop 2007.

The International Sysmposium is hosted by Research Center for the Holistic Computational Science, Tokyo University of Science,
Computational Materials Science Laboratory, University of Tokyo, and Atomistix A/S
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.

Dates: June 7th (Thu.) & 8th (Fri.), 2007

Place: Morito Kinenkan Hall, Tokyo University of Science
(4-4-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0825)

Details: Of all quantum transport phenomena in nanoscale structures, the focus of this international symposium will be on recent advances in research on electron transport and transport phenomena accompanied by phonons and spin freedom in the fields of computational physics and chemistry. This symposium, held jointly with the Atomistix Workshop 2007, is open to all researchers and technicians with an interest in these topics.
(Note) Atomistix: a Danish research group that develops first-principle quantum transport computation programs for commercial use. The symposium will target the phenomena listed below, but may also include other related items.

1.Electron transport
2.Transport accompanied by phonons and spin freedom
3.Thermal conduction
4.Variable transport
5.Inelastic transport

For further details, visit the home page of the Research Center for Holistic Computational Science

From 07 Jun 2007
Until 08 Jun 2007
Tokyo, Japan
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