Transformative Technology Series: NextGen SCM - Connecting devices to decisions

Singapore - This conference addresses how manufacturers bring products to market faster and more efficiently.

While Asia-based manufacturers may be upbeat about Asia's growing economy, they remain cautious as they will continue to experience booms and busts in their supply chains in the face of greater pressures from globalization, intense competition, and uncertainties associated with the changing geographic, socio-political, and business climates. Many of these manufacturers will develop a greater impetus to improve the competitiveness of their supply chain operations in order to increase revenues and lower costs.

At Manufacturing Insights (MI), we recognize that the opportunities for greater revenue and cost savings are compelling. However, manufacturers also face a host of challenges in bringing products to market faster and more efficiently - particularly in balancing inventory costs with clarity of information, and the complexity of the supply chain with the variability of consumer demand.

Top 10 Predictions on Asia Pacific Supply Chains for 2007

Our research and conversations with technology vendors, supply chain practitioners and manufacturing buyers have indicated that today's manufacturers in Asia need to:

Integrate advanced supply chain initiatives into the overall business strategy
Build resiliency into their supply chains as disruptions continue to be a fact of business life
Apply lean/six sigma to supply chains
Invest in business intelligence, especially for mature supply chain practices
This is just part of MI's top 10 predictions on Asia Pacific supply chains for 2007, and the NextGen SCM - Connecting devices to decisions conference is created with these research findings in mind, and more. The agenda will examine business and IT investment trends in manufacturing supply chains, including specific key process domains, and urgent business initiatives.

Understand Key Issues, Discover Best Practices, Share Strategies & Ideas

Our team of global and regional industry analysts, as well as vendor partners, will share the latest trends and technologies employed in supply chain transformation, demonstrate how the integration of material, information and financial flows, and the use of an integrated supply chain improvement framework will have a positive impact on revenues, customer satisfaction, and costs.

Some of the region's leading manufacturers will also share best practices, and discuss current supply chain challenges, as well as supply chain transformations they have embarked on, or want to embark on in the near future.

At MI, we believe that technology should be viewed as an enabler for superior business processes in the supply chain. Enabling IT is a response to the need for automating processes, overcoming geographic barriers, aggregating information, and making more timely decisions. This event will bring together manufacturers who need the enabling IT and vendors who need to understand the current state of supply chain in Asia. The conference agenda will discuss hot topics, including:

Supply chain economics - the path to becoming demand oriented
Creating a collaboration & fulfilment architecture
Integrating RFID and sensors into your supply chain
Automating and improving the key process workflows
Achieving faster, better supply chain decisions through next generation decision tools

From 21 Jun 2007
Until 21 Jun 2007
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