3rd Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education Conference and Exhibition

2007 Theme is Asian Universities - promoting quality and equal opportunity through global partnership.

Asian Universities - promoting quality and equal opportunity through global partnership is the theme of the 2007 QS Conference

Across Asia, top institutions are emerging as global players, ranked alongside - and competing with - the major universities of the rest of the world. At the same time new institutions are burgeoning across the region to cater for the explosion in demand for higher education, enabled by new consumer wealth. Top Asian schools rise up the rankings thanks to improved academic standards and the region's elite are well served.

But how are the less privileged faring? Is the new access to higher education being extended to gifted students of all socio-economic standing, or only to those with the means to pay? Are the developing countries included in the region's advancement of academic standards? Does rapid expansion of higher education threaten the value of a degree, and hence the attainment and employability of its millions of new graduates.

By adopting the theme, "Asian universities - promoting quality and equal opportunity through global partnership", our Conference seeks to explore social responsibility in the region and determine how global and regional education partnerships can build on the desire of government and institutions in Asia to extend quality and availability of higher education more widely to both their own societies and those of neighbouring nations.

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From 11 Jul 2007
Until 13 Jul 2007
Hong Kong
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