International Conference on IT in Asia

Kuching, Sarawak - The main aim of the conference is to examine the continuing roles of ICTs within the prevailing challenges of development faced by the region.

The International Conference on IT in Asia reflects the increasing focus on issues concerned with ICTs in developing countries. The main aim of the conference was to examine the continuing roles of ICTs within the prevailing challenges of development faced by the region. Now in its 5th run, the conference focuses on Social Computing.

Social Computing is the result of the transformation brought about by the technological advancement of the Internet as seen through Web 2.0. This participatory architecture, where systems are designed and developed based on user contribution, is the order of the day. Software developments and web models have reversed its hierarchy to adopt a more bottom-up implementation and top-down initiation structure thus creating a wider participation of users whether in creation of a product or in the discovery of a knowledge system.

Social Computing lays the platform where a broad range of users can effectively collaborate and contribute ideas, experience and expertise towards an existing knowledge-box. Grid Computing has enabled scientific communities to share large resources of data and information in labs located at far corners of the continent while the digital gap in rural communities is narrowed further with contributions from community informatics and implemented using Wired and Wireless technologies. Mobile Computing coupled with Multimedia enriched-contents are targeted at urban communities with the thirst for more novel and engaging experience through gadget and communication innovations. The bottom line is, social computing is optimising high-value tacit interaction between people creating a collected and sustainable driver of productivity.

Systematically the Internet and physical world is getting more tightly coupled/integrated and seamless. This phenomenon known as Internet Singularity is destined to accelerate scientific achievements, overcome the challenges of businesses and enrich our society. This conference will provide a platform for researchers and industry players to discuss the role and impact of Social Computing as well as sharing ideas on implementations and integration of these emergent technologies.

Distinguished Keynote Speaker, Prof Ian H. Witten from New Zealand.


Johari Abdullah (Conference Advisor)
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Assoc. Prof. Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer (Conference Advisor)
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Dr. Alvin Yeo (Conference Chair)
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From 09 Jul 2007
Until 12 Jul 2007
Kuching, Sarawak
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