The 9th Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo

Tokyo, Japan - A gathering to explore how new technology affects seafood industry.

• Name The 9th Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo
• Organizer Japan Fisheries Association
• Dates July 18 (Wed) ~ 20 (Fri), 2007
• Schedule Moving in : July 16 (Mon)
July 17 (Tue) 12:00~17:00
Event dates : July 18 (Wed)
July 19 (Thu)
July 20 (Fri) 10:00~17:00
Moving out : July 20 (Fri) 16:00~20:00

• Venue Tokyo International Exhibition Center "Tokyo Big Sight"
East 4 · 5 Hall
• Applications start December 1 (Fri), 2006
• Applications due May 11 (Fri), 2007
• Number of booths 600

• Products and technology on display
specialties such as fresh fish, fish eggs, shellfish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp and prawns, sea urchins, seaweed and freshwater fish (fisheries cooperative associations, fishermen, fish farming businesses); imported ocean fish (trading companies and embassies)

Processed seafood
Filleted fish, grilled fish, cooked fish, canned & preserved processed products, deep-fried fish, marinated & smoked products, fish paste, dried bonito, sea tangle and fish nutrients

Seasonings & food additives
Sauces, soy sauces, salt, wasabi, gingers and vinegars; food additives

Food processing machinery and related equipment
Cutters, slicers, dicers and mixers

Packaging and physical distribution equipment and services
Food packaging machines and related equipment, packaging materials, food filling machines, labeling machines, containers, conveyors and transport services

Machinery for cleaning fresh fish, shellfish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, prawns and seaweed; related equipment and technology

Kitchen equipment and cooking appliances
Kitchen knives, cutting boards, wrapping, ovens, MWOs, thawing machines and kitchen sinks

Refrigerators, freezers, thawing machines, related equipment and technology
Freshness management and quality maintenance machines; related equipment and technology

HACCP - supporting machinery, services and food sanitation management machinery, related equipment and technology
Water sterilizers, seawater sterilizers, ultraviolet/long-nfrared/ozone/microwave sterilizers, HACCP-supporting plants and engineering equipment, shutters, sheets, air showers, work clothes, masks, caps, hand-washing equipment, detergents and medicines, sterilizers, sanitation management services, sanitation management materials and traceability

Waste disposal machinery and technology
Fishery product incinerators and related equipment; fishbone and shell disposal facilities and related equipment; domestic garbage disposals; facilities for compacting and disposing of polystyrene foam, plastic and corrugated fiberboard; wastewater treatment facilities and equipment; waste disposal services

Computer systems and software for restaurant management

Fishing ground conservation, marine environment conservation technology and fishery biomass technology

Fishery, nursery and aquaculture technologies, feed for aquaculture

Environment-friendly and conservation equipment, technology and materials

• Expected visitor groups
Seafood buyers
Large & small supermarkets, chain stores, department stores, fish dealers and other retailers, mail-order businesses

Seafood users
Hotels & restaurants, sushi restaurants, fish restaurants and other food-service businesses, fishery product processing businesses, meal service businesses, delicatessens and other take-home meal businesses

Those in the domestic fishing business
Municipal governments, fishing cooperative association fishermen, fish farming businesses, those in the fishing business, fisheries experimental stations

• Projected number of guests 30,000
• Admission Registration will be done at the venue.
* Guests are asked to fill out a questionnaire at reception,
which is exchanged for an ID badge.
* Admission for guests without invitation ticket: ¥2,000

Exhibition Technologies, Inc.

Akasaka DS Bldg., 8-5-26, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
TEL. +81-3-5775-2855 FAX. +81-3-5775-2856

From 18 Jul 2007
Until 20 Jul 2007
tokyo, japan
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