19th Asia-Pacific Social Work Conference 2007

Penang, Malaysia - This conference seek to share differing experiences, thoughts, and to work together to influence and be a catalyst in shaping future directions of social work in Asia-Pacific.

21st century is marked by globalization, technological and material progress in some areas of development. In this respect, social work has to work alongside with other “players” in order to bring about a more effective and meaningful development. Development in social work perspective is holistic in nature. It includes material and non-material enhancement.

While there is plenty of development, nevertheless, the distribution is far from balance. In the Asia-Pacific region, unending poverty, inequitable distribution of resources, environmental degradation, violations of human rights – all these are still mired in our societies. These issues have naturally created tensions and social injustices thus impacting a growing number of individuals, groups and societies at local, national and international level. Social work practitioners and educators working within such an environment are therefore confronted with major challenges to promote just and inclusive societies as well as sustainable development.

Social work as a profession certainly requires new orientations, directions, solutions and actions to become more effective in meeting these transmodern challenges. These include the aspirations of creating peaceful, just and inclusive societies. The conference theme seeks to achieve these goals. Therefore, we need to share our differing experiences, thoughts, and to work together to influence and be a catalyst in shaping future directions of social work in Asia-Pacific for the betterment of those in need vis-à-vis in all aspects of human development.

Sub-themes of the Conference

• Developmental Welfare – Issues for Social Workers
• Social Policy and Advocacy
• Traditional Social Work Practices – Coping with Social Changes
• Social Work Competency – Improving Professionalism
• Educational Challenges and Response
• Spirituality in Social Work Education and Practice
• Urban & Rural Social Work – Social Services
• Others - Related Fields

Issues and/or Focus Groups
• Service Delivery
• Poverty and Inequality
• Children/Youth
• Aged
• Family
• Disabled
• Health Care
• Migrant Population
• Gender
• Racial/Ethnic Relationship
• Research

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19th Asia-Pacific Social Work Conference
School of Social Sciences
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 Penang, Malaysia
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Conference Website: www.usm.my/apaswe

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From 04 Sep 2007
Until 06 Sep 2007
Penang, Malaysia
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