Silver Neocon 2005 - Accounting Every Newborn

XXV Annual Convention of National Neonatology Forum

Venue: MGM Medical College, Indore (M.P.), India

Conference Secretariat : Dr. Shikhar Jain (Organising Secretary)
Dept. of Pediatrics,
Choithram Hospital and Research Centre,
P.B. No. 131, Manik Bagh Road,
Indore-452014(M.P.), India

Phone: 0731-2362491-99 and 2760147-153, Ext. no 551 & 483,
Fax.- 91-0731-2470068,
Resi : 0731-2365688, 2362662

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About National Neonatology Forum (NNF)

The National Neonatology Forum (NNF) came into existence in 1980 through the initiative of a handful of leading pediatricians working in the field of neonatology. They set forth the following objectives for NNF:
- To encourage and advance the knowledge, study and practice of the science of neonatology in the country;
- To draw out recommendations for neonatal care at different levels;
- To establish liaison with other professionals concerned with neonatal care;
- To assess the current status of electronic equipment being used in the country for perinatal care;
- To promote indigenous manufacturing of the equipment; Todevelop neonatal component of the curriculum for medical as well as nursing teaching; and
- To organize conferences, training’s, workshops etc. Topromote neonatal care in the country.

NNF currently has over 2500 members, mostly pediatricians but also a few nurses and others. It is led by a 10-member governing body, composed of elected and nominated members, and currently maintains 18 state chapters. In order to ensure progress on critical issues, NNF has established sub-committees on subjects such as research, curriculum, nursing, equipment, and accreditation. NNF publishes a quarterly periodical, namely, the Journal of Neonatology, and organizes numerous continuing education activities nationwide, including its annual convention.

Although NNF started as an organization of pediatricians of tertiary care institutions to promote neonatology, it soon became a catalyst for advancing newborn health throughout the country and helping to expand newborn care beyond the nurseries in hospitals. NNF is actively networking with the partners and stakeholders like Government of India and Sate governments; International agencies including WHO, UNICEF,DFID; NGOs like BPNI; and Professional bodies like IAP, IMA, FOGSI to improve newborn care in the country. Currently, NNF is involved in the design of the next phase (2003-09) of the Reproductive and Child Health (RCH II) program. It is widely expected that newborn health will receive a major thrust in RCH II program with home-based newborn care being implemented in much of the country.

About Indore
Indore is a large metropolitan city, known as an educational, medical and business capital of Madhya Pradesh. It shall have a moderately cold climate in December. There are several tourist destinations of religio-cultural, historic and scenic grandeur around Indore.

Scientific Program

International Faculty
Bhutani V K (US)
Tude Hope (Australia)
Carlo Waldemar (US)
Thaithumyanon Pimolrat (Thailand)
Joy Lawn (UK)
Vidyasagar D (US)
Lee Shoo (Canada)
Victor Yu (Australia)
Lucky Jain (US)
Zipursky A (Canada)
Sinha Sunil (UK)
Subramanium S (US)

National Faculty
Bhakoo ON
Kler N
Bhatia BD
Mathur N B
Deorari A
Narang A
Diwakar K K
Nagesh K
Dutta A K
Paul V K
Fernandez A
Ramji S
Girish G
Saili A
Kumar P
Saluja S

Neonatal Transport
Lactation Management
Nursing Workshop
N A L S Trainers Course

Basic CME : Delivery room management, MSAF, Current guidelines in neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, Anemia of prematurity, Humanized newborn care, Hyponatremia, Use & misuse of antibiotics, problems in enteral feeding, hypo & hyperglycemia, pitfalls in UTI, Panel Discussion, Neonatal Sepsis.

Advanced CME : Vascular lines, Controversies in fungal infections, Establishing neonatal database, Weaning from ventilator, Recent advances in asphyxiated neonates, Management of PDA, NEC, Tackling stress, IVH, Panel Discussion : Neonatal Encephalopathy.
Nursing CME : Nursing initiatives & outcomes, Lactation management, Initial care of NICU admission, Care of IV lines & skin, preparation & administration of IV fluids & medications, Nursing care on ventilator, Stress in NICU nurses, Handling body fluids & waste disposal, surgical neonate, Neonatal sample collection, LBW symposium - hypothermia, Vital sign recording & management, Discharge planning & counseling.

MAIN CONVENTION (3rd & 4th Dec)

Plenary (3rd Dec) Theme : Accounting Every Newborn
* Registration of births & deaths in newborn
* Home based newborn care
* Facility based newborn care
* Transportation & impact on newborn mortality

Plenary (4th Dec) Theme : Neonatal Transport
* Current status of neonatal transport in india
* Organization of neonatal transport - Indian perspective
* Regional transport paradigm

Special Sessions
* NNF Gold Medal award papers (3rd Dec)
* NNF Social Neonatology award papers (4th Dec)

Concurrent Symposia (3rd Dec)
* Allied specialties - Prenatal hydronephorosis, Current concepts in direct hyperbilirubinemia, imaging in perinatal medicine
* VLBW - Nutrition & growth monitoring, Neuro-development follow up, Respiratory management.
* Hematology - Polycythemia, Bleeding neonate, Transfusion guidelines

* Hypoperfusion
* Immuinization
* Chronic lung disease

* Concurrent Free Papers - (3rd & 4th Dec)
* Poster walk (3rd Dec) & Plenary (4th Dec)
* Breakfast Session - Meet the Experts (3rd Dec) : Concurrent Sessions -
Starting ventilation in your NICU; Parental nutrition; Apnea of prematurity
* Controversies (4th Dec) - Post natal steroids, Phenobarbitone, Mannitol
* Quiz (4th Dec)

From 01 Dec 2005
Until 04 Dec 2005
Indore, India
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