Beijing, China - China Power Markets and Project Conference 2007 focuses on all the key strategic challenges facing China/Asia power generators.

China's booming economic growth and rapid industrialization has seen accelerated demand for electric power, with consumption in major urban cities such as Beijing and Shanghai growing at double-digit rates.

Securing a stable power supply is of vital importance for the Chinese government, as the country strives to balance its electricity supply and demand, so as to achieve a power surplus. Power grid construction is also considered critical as China is seeking to develop an ultra-high voltage power grid by 2020. By that date, the grid will transmit over 200 million kW of electricity, which would account for 25% of the national installed capacity. Find out what are the governments’ plans for power supply and power grid construction. Are they sufficient to meet demand?

China will also need to ensure a stable coal supply since coal-fired generation accounts for nearly 70% of the country's installed generating capacity. What are the challenges and opportunities facing Coal Vs Gas fired generation? How is this affecting power pricing? China is seeking to develop clean energy by using nuclear, wind and solar sources to generate power. "The government is vigorously making efforts to tap clean energies to optimize the current power generation mix…" said Zhang Guobao, vice-minister of China's State Development and Reform Commission. Find out what is the preferred generation mix for the future.

China Power Markets and Project Conference 2007 focuses on all the key strategic challenges facing China/Asia power generators. We will look into developments of key power projects across China . Other topics for discussion includes from fuel choice to emissions trading, foreign investment opportunities and policy and regulatory updates. If you are involved in the power sector, this is the ONLY event where you will meet all the key figures influencing and shaping China’s Power Markets.


• Policy and Regulatory Updates and Developments

• The Role of Coal and Gas in future power generation

• The New Generation Mix – Environmental Challenges
Latest environmental protection measures
Achieving air emissions compliance
Emissions trading regulations and its impact on China

• Updates on:
Myanmar-China Hydro-Power Projects
Haiyang Shandong Nuclear Project
Yanjiang Guangdong Project
3 Gorges Dam Review – What is good? Lessons Learnt

• Technology Updates and Developments

Network with :

• Senior industry executives
• Transmission and distribution providers
• Power generators
• Independent power producers
• Power purchasers
• Market operators
• Power marketers
• Technology and Equipment Suppliers
• Energy traders
• Corporate planners
• Environmental stakeholders
• Federal and provincial government officials
• Distribution utilities managers
• Directors of policy development
• Business development managers
• In House Counsel

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From 27 Sep 2007
Until 28 Sep 2007
Beijing, China
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