Europe’s Approach to Taiwan’s Security

2007 will be particularly sensitive for cross-strait relations. 2008 will see a new Taiwanese President, a referendum on UN membership for the island under the name Taiwan, and the Beijing Olympics; the potential for an escalation in hostilities remains of considerable concern.

Taiwan's ruling party, the Democratic Progressive Party, remains determined to go ahead with a referendum on UN membership for the island under the name Taiwan early in 2008. In a particularly sensitive year which will see the election of a new Taiwan President and the Beijing Olympics, the potential for an escalation in hostilities between the two sides remains of considerable concern. Beijing has warned that it may enact its anti-secession law, which does not rule out the use of force if Taiwan moves towards formal independence.

This discussion will not simply concern the stand-off between China and Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait, but perhaps more importantly strategic issues concerning the rise of the People’s Republic of China in the wake of the 17th party Congress, the broader regional security dimension and global implications. The conference will aim to stimulate debate between a team of prominent Taiwanese cross-strait analysts and Western experts with the aim of better understanding Taiwan’s security predicament on the approach to Taiwan’s presidential elections.

Core Themes:

The risk of a cross-strait crisis: current assessment and political dynamics

European strategic interests in Taiwan and in East Asian security

Taiwanese perceptions of the China threat: the economic and military rise of China

The European role in long-term stability for Taiwan

With opening comments by Lord Faulkner of Worcester, the speaker panel includes:

Dr. Chen-Wei Lin, Advisor, Taiwan’s National Security Council

Dr. Jiann-fa Yan, Chairman, Research and Planning Committee, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr Christopher Hughes, London School of Economics

Bonnie S. Glaser, Senior Associate, CSIS

Dr. Alexander Chieh-cheng Huang, Professor of Strategic Studies and Director of the Graduate Institute of American Studies at Tamkang University

Dr Steve Tsang, Oxford University

Dr. Yang-cheng Wang, Director, Graduate School of Strategic Studies, Taiwan’s National Defense Univesity

Jonathan Holslag, Brussels Institute for Contemporary China Studies

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From 13 Dec 2007
Until 13 Dec 2007
London, UK
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