2nd Indo Oil, Gas, Power 2008

Jakarta, Indonesia - Be informed of the latest regulatory updates, economic trends and project developments that will enable strategy realization and optimization for your business.

Increasing Oil Production – Indonesia’s TOP priority!

Indonesia’s Energy Minister claimed that the nation is not in shortage of energy resources, as there is an estimated reserve of 9 billion barrels of proven and potential crude and 182 trillion cubic feet of gas. Indonesia’s power sector is rapidly growing with the state-owned power utility PT PLN initiating the fast track program by building 35 coal-fired power plants to provide an additional supply of 10,000 megawatts of power for the nation.

10 Reasons to Attend IndoOGP 2008:

1. Update on the PSC guidelines from the official upstream regulatory body BPMigas. Find out what are the new components and amendments in the cost recovery assessment and the government audit structure.

2. Dilemma of NG market situation. Will Indonesia continue to export or fulfill domestic needs? Could CBM be an alternative resource?

3. How will the reviewed Electricity Law affect IPPs investment in the region’s power sector? How big is the expansion plan for new project development in meeting the power deficiency?

4. Trends in deepwater projects and what are the associated risks and rewards.

5. With the global effort on capping CO2, what’s the role of CDM in the oil, gas and power sector?

6. Supply and demand balance for LPG. With the conversion process from kerosene to LPG, what’s the assessment on market dynamics and trading opportunities?

7. Petrochemical market outlook. What are the feedstock availability and future demand for the nation’s 235 million people? What’s the output of Tuban Petrochemical Complex in meeting this demand?

8. Progress report on the longest gas transmission trunkline in the country from South Sumatera to West Java and its throughput.

9. Emerging issues in the refinery projects, demand for refined products and refinery technology advancement.

10. Downstream regulator watchdog BPHMigas gives the latest updates on the retail fuel market and full market liberalization.

And many more vital reasons why IndoOGP 2008 is the conference to be if your business revolves around the energy sector. Be informed of the latest regulatory updates, economic trends and project developments that will enable strategy realization and optimization for your business. Shift your growth rate further from the cash cow quadrant by reaching for the stars.

The event will also create a platform for networking amongst government officials, national and international players in the O&G and power sector as well as various entities of the supply chain. So mark your calendar for the IndoOGP 2008 and be empowered with the latest happenings in the oil, gas and power industry.

• CEOs • Vice Presidents • Managing Directors • General Managers • Business Development Directors • Marketing Directors • Upstream & downstream business Directors • Supply & Trading Managers • Commercial Directors • Global & Regional Oil Corporations • Refinery Managers • Government & Regulatory Officials • Energy Consultants • Traders • Storage & Terminal Companies • EPC Companies • Additives & Catalyst Companies • Legal Counselors • Financiers & Bankers


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From 27 Feb 2008
Until 28 Feb 2008
Jakarta, Indonesia
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