Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008

Tianjin, PRC - This is the Annual Meeting of the Community of Global Growth Companies CEOs.

Organizer: World Economic Forum
Venue: Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China

In 2006 the Forum launched its Community of Global Growth Companies, a strategic initiative to identify and engage the future champions of global industry. The Community is composed of rapidly growing companies that have both the aspirations and ability to successfully expand outside their domestic markets.

The Inaugural Annual Meeting of this Community was held in Dalian, Peoples Republic of China, in September 2007. The second Annual Meeting of the New Champions will take place in Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China.

The most recent World Economic Outlook of the International Monetary Fund forecasts that growth of the world economy will slow to 3.7% in 2008 versus 4.9% in 2007. While over 50% of global GDP is generated by the G7 industrialized economies, and despite a looming recession in the United States, the good news is that robust growth is occurring elsewhere in the world, driven by industries outside of the battered financial sector.

The Annual Meeting of New Champions provides a unique platform for those seeking new opportunities to come together to shape and define an agenda of growth with fresh ideas, innovative business models and new technologies, regardless of prevailing macroeconomic conditions.

At the forefront of this next wave of growth will be the Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies, a new breed of high-growth enterprises that are by definition global in outlook. A survey of CEOs from these companies, conducted jointly with the Harvard Business Review, revealed that they are focusing more attention overseas than on their domestic market. These New Champions are looking to engage with the most dynamic cities and regions associated with the innovations and technologies that will reshape the future business landscape. Joining them in Tianjin will be a select group of mayors and governors, technology pioneers, young scientists and policy-makers from countries with outstanding growth potential.

For more information about the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, please contact: [email protected]

From 25 Sep 2008
Until 27 Sep 2008
Tianjin, PRC
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