Global Brand Forum 2008

Singapore - This year's Forum will focus singularly on brand issues with the aptly titled theme "Maverick Approaches to Brand Building "

Who Should Attend
Global Brand Forum 2008 is targeted at CEO’s, Marketing Directors, Brand Custodians, Creative Directors, Bureaucrats and entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific who are concerned with creating, why is it defending? and growing their brands.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with, listen to and get practical brand ideas directly from the world’s most influential brand gurus and practitioners who have created and advised the world’s most powerful brands.

This inspirational and transformative experience will encourage debate, foster reflection and ultimately engineer change in the way companies in Asia manage their brands and business.

Conference Format

The conference format adopts a series of intellectually stimulating speeches, panel discussions, extended Q&A sessions and knowledge-sharing opportunities held over two invigorating days.

Designed to add value beyond the traditional conference environment, the forum will provide separate breakout sessions where specific industry knowledge is shared
and you can actively participate in closed-door dialogues with industry leaders.

As always there will be ample opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas at the highest level, as the forum brings together business leaders from over 20 countried in Asia and beyond.

If there's one event a year that you can't afford to miss, it's the Global Brand Forum - the world's leading event on Brands, Business and Leadership.


Founder of Wikipedia and Wikia

Jimmy Wales founded Wikipedia, a free and open content encyclopedia in 2001, and Wikia, a privately-owned free web hosting service set up in 2004. He serves on the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. His work with Wikipedia, which has become the world's largest encyclopedia, led Time magazine to name him to its 2006 list of the “100 most influential people in the world.”

Premier Hollywood Filmmaker and Socio-political Provocateur

Spike Lee is the cutting-edge American film director, writer, actor and author. His films challenge cultural assumptions about race, class and gender identity. His debut film, “She’s Gotta Have It”, earned the Prix de Jeunesse Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1986 and his third film, “Do the Right Thing” garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay and won Best Film and Best Director awards from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association in 1989. His epic drama, “Malcolm X”, received two Oscar nominations. He also directed “Inside Man” and is the ad filmmaker of the famous Orange and Nike Air Jordan commercials.

Legendary Marketing Strategist and Best Selling Author

Al Ries is the architect behind the marketing tool known as brand positioning. In 1980, he wrote his first book, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind which has become an industry hallmark and one of the best selling advertising books of all time. He is also a best-selling author of eleven books on marketing including Marketing WarFare, Focus, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR and The Origin of Brands.

Chairman of the leading global PR agency, GolinHarris

A veteran for almost 50 years, Al Golin was named one of the 100 most influential public relations people in the 20th century by PR Week magazine for his contributions to the field of public relations. His clients include Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, McDonald’s Corporation, Nintendo of America, The Dow Chemical Company Inc., Orange, Texas Instruments and Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc as clients. He has lectured at numerous public and private institutions including Ivy League universities and authored a book, "Trust or Consequences: Build Trust Today or Lose Your Market Tomorrow.”

Marketing and Creative Director of Shanghai Tang

China’s first luxury brand did not have a smooth ride until Joanne Ooi joined Shanghai Tang. She helped boost sales, up almost 50% since 2003, and doubled the number of stores to thirty worldwide in the next three years. To reinvigorate the brand, she created bold design statements that combined Chinese cultural references and sleek, contemporary clothes.

Executive Producer and Chief Game Designer, Electronic Arts as well as creator of The Sims™ and Spore™

He is known as the “Spielberg” of the gaming industry, Will Wright is creator of The Sims game franchise. In 2007, he received a fellowship from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Awards by PC Magazine in 2005, a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards in 2001, and was the fifth person inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame in 2002. His next video game, SPORE, is scheduled for release in September 2008.

Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo International,
China Beverages

A veteran expert on youth marketing, (formerly with Universal Music and MTV), Harry Hui steers Pepsi product pitches to China’s next generation. The brands under his wing include Pepsi Cola (China’s #1 Cola drink), Gatorade, Tropicana, Dole, 7Up, Mirinda, as well as other locally developed brands. China’s youth is large, demanding and growing. Hence, any major player needs to understand this psychographic and what it takes to capture the China market.

The Enlightenment Specialist

Founder of SoulCentre, Vikas Malkani is one of the world’s leading teachers in spiritual awakening, personal growth and self-awareness. His forte is to make ancient spiritual wisdom simple to understand and apply, thus creating a life of health, harmony and abundance on all levels. He has written numerous books that involves the disciplines of meditation, spiritual wisdom and yoga.

Founder and Director of CSR Asia

Stephen Frost is an assistant professor at the Department of Asian and International Studies at the City University of Hong Kong. His core competencies include Asian labour law, occupational health and safety standards, labour issues and standards in supply chains in Asia. He is widely published on labour standards, auditing, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and has worked with numerous companies on key supply chain issues in Asia. He will speak on how a comprehensive and robust CSR strategy helps build a leader brand.


Moderator for the Global Brand Forum 2007-2008

Riz Khan is an international journalist based in Washington DC, in the USA, and Dubai in U.A.E.

In February 2005, he joined the world-renowned Al Jazeera network to set up its English-language channel and to host its flagship programme, "Riz Khan" – a daily, live, interactive global show featuring the world's top newsmakers.
He also hosts and produces a weekly profile show - "Riz Khan's One on One".

From 14 Aug 2008
Until 15 Aug 2008
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