Acting on the realization that humans have deviated from the original values shared by all religions of the world, the Centre for Policy Research and International Studies, and the Noordin Sopiee Chair in Global Studies, USM will organize this international conference directed to all levels of our society.

The Conference begins on 24th July and ends on the 26th, at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. The Honourable YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia will officiate the Conference.

According to Professor Chandra, the Inaugural Holder of the Chair, who is also the Organizing Chairperson of the Conference, this effort is important to allow society, especially to the academia, to look at the direct relationship of values that exists in all religions and the current global issues, including insufficient food supply, the rise in the price of oil and the destruction of political system.

“Religion has direct relationship with current issues and each religion has values that can guide us in avoiding the issues. The question then, why do these issues occur when we already have guidance? The Conference will attempt to provide answers to this question”.

One Keynote Address and four lectures by renowned scholarswill bedelivered, covering the theme of the Conference:

1.Religion and the world: The Quest for Justice and Peace’ by Professor Fred Dallmayr (Keynote);

2.‘Internal and External Impediments in Religion’s Quest for Global Justice ang Peace’ by Professor Joseph A. Camilleri;

3.‘Religious Values and Principles that Conduce Towards the Struggle for Global Justice and Peace’ by Professor N. Radhakrishnan;

4.‘Religious Communities Working Together for Global Justice and Peace’ by Mr. Sulak Sivaraksa, and

5.‘Towards a universal Spiritual and Moral Vision of Global Justice and Peace’ by Professor Chandra Muzaffar.

Professor Chandra added that the Conference will also analyse internal and external factors that inhibit justice in the context of religion and peace, in addition to seeking solutions to the constraints identified and involved especially the global society.

The main aim of the Conference is to provide a forum for reflections on the cherished ideals of every religion: justice and peace. The specific objectives are to: develop a deeper understanding of the principles of justice and peace in the different religions; analyze the internal and external forces that impede a religion’s quest for justice and peace and how these obstacles can be overcome; provide concrete instances of religious groups working towards global justice and peace especially through non-violent means; explore the possibility of evolving a shared universal spiritual and moral vision of global justice and peace; and, formulate an action plan which will attempt to translate that vision into reality through concrete programmes that will bring together different religious groups in their common quest for global justice and peace.

Registration fee is RM100 that covers working papers, refreshments and lunch on the three days, as well as conference dinner on 24th July.

For more information on the conference, please contact 04-653 4491 (Veronica) or 04-653 3389 (Pn. Aniza); Faxs: 04-658 4820 or e-mel: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or visit the following web site:

Deputy Registrar
[email protected]
T: 04.653 2193/3105 F: 04.658 8444

From 24 Jul 2008
Until 26 Jul 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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