Postgraduate Education: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

USM, PENANG, MALAYSIA - This Conference will be a meeting of minds to primarily discuss significant issues which focus on multidisciplinary perspectives in higher education.

The 3rd International Conference on “Postgraduate Education: Multidisciplinary Perspectives” will be held from 16-17 December 2008 in Gurney Hotel, Penang, Malaysia. It will be hosted by Universiti Sains Malaysia, in cooperation with the Deans Council of Graduate Schools and the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. The 1st conference on higher education was organized by University Malaya in 2004 while the 2nd conference on higher education was organized by University Malaysia Sarawak in 2006.

This Conference will be a meeting of minds to primarily discuss significant issues which focus on multidisciplinary perspectives in higher education. Thus, the conference will provide scholars, academics, educational administrators and other interested parties an opportunity to critically and creatively engage with new ideas and research about teaching and lifelong learning in higher education. In addition to researcher and student presentations, experts from the region will also be invited to give keynote speeches to share their insights on challenges and issues facing contemporary scholarship on higher education.


Experts in the field of higher education, heads/administrators of higher education institutions, scholars, researchers, graduates, postgraduate students and representatives of interested organizations and foundations, to participate in this esteemed conference to exchange opinions, experiences, views, and discuss new trends in higher education and its management. It is in this light that the theme of the 3rd international conference, seeks to promote the diverse and varied membership to meet and share our experiences on research, ideas of improvements in the quality, relevance, efficiency, and flexibility of higher education systems in order to stimulate a country’s engagement with the global knowledge economy.

About ICPE-3 2008

The higher education arena is evolving dramatically to encompass innovative ways of thinking, learning and researching, and constantly moving towards addressing issues of practical importance to students, academics and those working in the higher education field. The 3rd International Conference on Postgraduate Education will focus on the theme “Multidisciplinary Perspectives” where the main aims are to stimulate discussions, foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge, as well as generate more informed understanding of issues currently challenging us. It will further discuss how research into higher education in the 21st century can best continue to thrive and sustain itself in today’s fast paced era of globalization.

The conference programme explores the theme “Multidisciplinary Perspectives”. Keynote presentations will examine this theme from various perspectives, e.g. the internationalization of teaching and learning, higher education research, multiculturalism in education, philosophy of postgraduate studies, and supervision of academics in institutions of higher education.

The conference themes highlight a few areas related to:

How contemporary research into higher education is being reshaped by new theoretical and analytical perspectives and insights.
How higher education research is influencing higher education practices and policies.
How we can best safeguard and strengthen future capacity for research into higher education.
The conference aims to provide a platform for academics, researchers, graduate students and administrators from higher education faculties who have a stake in the issues concerned to interact, network, share findings, explore ideas and resources, and formulate the direction towards this end.

3rd International Conference on Graduate Studies
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