Workshop on plant genetic transformation and DNA profiling techniques

The workshop is to provide participants with theoretical insight into technologies used in genetic transformation and DNA profiling as well as hands-on experience in these two fields.

Date: 20–22 October 2009
Venue: Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Malaysia.

Topics of interests are:
(1) Genetic transformation techniques (Agrobacterium and particle bombardment).
(2) Molecular analysis of genetically modified plants.
(3) The use of vectors, promoters and selectable markers.
(4) Evaluation of transgenic material (Southern, Western and PCR).
(5) What is microsatellite?
(6) Microsatellite genotyping.
(7) Microsatellite for plant variety identification.
(8) Microsatellite for forensic applications.

From 08 Aug 2009
Until 22 Oct 2009
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