Emerging Technologies for Philippines 2020

The Philippines' potential to lead in information and communications technology (ICT) and Game Development is very promising. Currently, we are the preferred IT outsourcing candidate, second only to India.

Building Tomorrow's Technology Today

The challenge for industry, government and academe is to unite in their efforts to maintain, if not improve the current situation of ICT in the country in order to explore these potentials. This conference is in response to that challenge. It will highlight current state of ICT in the country and its role in national development; promote awareness of current (local) research activities in key areas; and encourage research collaboration between industry, academe, government and private institutions.

Key areas to be tackled include E-governance, E-learning, Knowledge Management, and Game Development. Special attention is given to the Game Development industry which is expected to grow from $5M in 2004 to $9.8B by 2009.

If you are interested to learn about these relevant technologies, you are encouraged to attend and participate in this Conference. Let's partner to begin building tomorrow’s technology today!

Who should attend:
* IT Professionals
* Project Managers
* Government Officials
* Business Leaders
* Entrepreneurs
* Researchers
* Research Sponsors
* University Administrators
* Academics
* Technology Enthusiasts
* Game Developers
* Game Programmers
* Game Analyst
* Game Publishers

ICT for Development

* Explore new insights on the role of e-governance and knowledge management in the ongoing social development initiatives in the Philippines
* Learn the use of e-learning tools and techniques in the field of education
* Know the roles of different societal sectors in the use and development of Knowledge Management

Game Development

* Discover new technologies that can be integrated into game design to enhance player’s game experience
* Learn tools and techniques used in game development including gaming platforms, modeling tools, and artificial intelligence
* Build rich game environments by knowing important aspects of modeling, animation and rendering

From 02 Mar 2006
Until 03 Mar 2006
Makati City, Philippines
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