Official Opening of UiTM Innovation and Creativity Gallery

The Minister of Higher Education, Dato’ Seri Mohd Khaled Nordin, will officiate the Innovation and Creativity Gallery of UITM, 9 November 2010, 9 am, at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam.

The gallery was set up by the Research Management Institute of UiTM as a clearing house of products invented by the university’s academics and scientists. It is an iniatiative proposed earlier this year when Dato’ Seri Mohd Khaled Nordin himself launched the Innovation DNA for UiTM in April.

A gallery is a window to contemporary achievements of contemporary achievements of an organisation’s arts and novel creations, therefore, this gallery is particularly fitting as UiTM academics and scientists have completed 1007 research this year. And there are another 2000 on-going research projects being conducted. Uitm believes that innovations will not be much of a benefit if they are kept in the libraries’ safe. They must be viewed by society and entrepreneurs.

Industries and entrepreneurs are warmly invited to view the display. In this opening ceremony, there will be 30 products and sculptures showcased. Most of them are gold medals winners in the Invention, Innovation and Design 2010 SE, a UiTM annual innovation exposition and competition, organized recently, 12 - 14 Oct 2010. These products are practical and marketable devices.

Among them is the Bank Islam Grand Prize winning product, invented by student Muhamad Hafiz Mamat and his team, Zuraida Khusaimi and Musa Mohamed Zahidi, of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The product is a Ultra Violet Photoconductive Sensor. This Ultra Violet Sensor is better than the traditonal ones as the sensor’s configuration has been improved by nanotechnology. The team said their UV sensor is cheaper than the ones used in today’s market as the UV fabrication makes use of less than 1 micron layer of material, thus having less configuration elements.

The next product is the Smart Classification of Kayu Gaharu that deploys a k-NN technique, a kit to classify the ‘gaharu’.

Other displays are products mainly in the UiTM Community of Reseach categories: Forensic Science, Green Technology and Sustainable Development, Frontier materials and industry Applications, Advance Computing and Communications, Humanities and Quality of Life, Brain and Neuroscience; and Drug Discovery and Health.

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