International Conference on Translation 2011

This 13th International Conference on Translation will be held in Shah Alam, Malaysia from 19-21 July 2011. Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia has been chosen to be the host

The International Conference on Translation (Persidangan Penterjemahan Antarabangsa-PPA) is a biennial conference which was held for the first time in 1984 under the initiatives of the Malaysian Translators Association (Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia-PPM/MTA) and Language and Literary Agency, Malaysia (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka - DBP), and later was jointly organized by the National Institute of Translation, Malaysia (ITNM) prior to its establishment.
The organizers share a common belief and awareness that translation is crucial in knowledge transfer. Translation is also a prime medium in communicating knowledge in developing a country, particularly in a borderless world. Thus, the international conference aims to promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience, and simultaneously encourages cooperation between scholars, language experts, translators, writers, publishers, editors, educators and students locally and internationally. It is is also aimed at exploring the latest information, theories and techniques in the field of translation for quality enhancement.

The co-organisers of the conference are the Malaysian Translators Association, the Malaysian National Institute of Translation and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education.
The theme of this conference is Globalization Through Translation: A Catalyst for Knowlegde and Technology Excellence. Translation is a process, product and the skills which act as a catalyst for knowledge and technology enhancement to meet the challenges and requirements of globalization. It is hoped that the conference will be the meeting points of the translators, practitioners, experts of other fields, the players in the industries and those who are involved in the field of translation and technology from all over the world.

Objectives -

The 13th International Conference on Translation aims to:

Encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of translation that will generate academic excellence and cooperation at the international level;

Stimulate intellectual and professional discourse with the hope to discover the latest theories, techniques, issues, perspectives, practices, researches and recognitions in the field of translation;

Offer opportunities for new findings and approaches in the field of translation;

Bolster and strengthen cooperation among translators in the academic and professional domain; and

Promote UiTM as an institution of higher learning in Malaysia which is involved in translation works and the teaching of translation courses.

Areas of Topics :

• Translation Technology
• Translation and Media
• Interpretation and Internationalization
• Translation and Localization
• Sociolinguistics and Translation
• Machine Aided Translation
• Collaboration and Accreditation
• Translation for Group with Special Needs
• Translations of Specific Texts and Official Documents
• Translation of Literary Texts
• Translation and Tourism / Culinary / Hospitality
• Translation in Education
• Training & Careers in Translation
• Translation Assessment and Evaluation
• The future and Sustainability of Translation
• Translators’ Voice
• New areas :
-Inter and Intra translation between the areas and fields of the same
language; (between dialects or languages of the same family)
• Translation of Religious Texts

From 19 Jul 2011
Until 21 Jul 2011
Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam, Malaysia
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