2nd SWS Asia Chapter's 2011 Asian Wetland Convention And Workshop

The 2nd SWS Asia Chapter's 2011 Asian Wetland Convention and Workshop which will be held in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak for the first time in September 13-15, 2011.

Wetlands, comprising of swamps, lakes, rivers, estuaries, coastal waters and tidal flats have been sustaining livelihood for longer than recorded history. It provides diverse ecosystem services including food and clean water for people, habitat for wildlife, and protection against flood, typhoons, tsunami and tidal surges. Asian wetlands are under tremendous pressure from human activities including habitat modification for agriculture and aquaculture, poorly planned infrastructure development, land filling in tidal marshes and mangroves, and climate change that often amplifies other threats.

Thus the need to better understand and manage wetlands has never been more urgent. We are calling all scientists, engineers, industry researchers, park managers and other scholars to share their experiences on all aspects of wetland science relevant to sustainable use and to explore and discuss innovative ways to sustain wetland function and services. Recognizing the wealth of experience and expertise beyond Asia, we have chosen the title "Asian Wetlands and Beyond - Livelihood, Sustainability and Management".

This convention will have four plenary papers and parallel sessions based on the four main themes: (i) Livelihood practices in wetlands, (ii) Wetland sustainability and management, (iii) Wetland science and biodiversity and (iv) Wetlands and climate change. It will include a visit to the one and only Ramsar Site in Kuching and workshop on best management practices and wetland rehabilitation/restoration.

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From 13 Sep 2011
Until 15 Sep 2011
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
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