European Bioinformatics Institute–RIKEN Joint International Hands-on Training in Bioinformatics for Researchers: 'The Bioinformatics Roadshow'

The RIKEN Omics Science Center (OSC) in Yokohama, Japan, will hold a joint international training course entitled 'The Bioinformatics Roadshow' in collaboration with the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) on 8–9 September 2011.

Objectives :
The purpose of the roadshow is to train experimental biologists in how to make the most of some widely used biological databases such as Ensembl and the FANTOM resourses. Experts from both EBI and RIKEN OSC will be presenting and holding hands-on practical sessions. Applicants are screened and accepted based on suitability and motivation.

Hosted by :

Summary :
The course gives an introduction to widely used bioinformatics resources from EBI and the RIKEN OSC. The format will be presentations as well as hands on exercises.

Title :
Day1: Access to Genes and Genomes with Ensembl
Day2: Transcriptomics

Outcome :
A certificate of completion from the EBI will be provided after a completed course (No Examination).

Program :
EMBL - EBI Topics
EBI and Ensembl project / Retrieving datasets using BioMart / Comparative genomics and proteomics / Single nucleotide polymorphisms, comparison of strains, breeds, individuals / ArrayExpress and Expression Atlas

FANTOM and its web resource / Omics data integration and visualization

Confirmed Lecturers
Dr. Jana Vandrovcova (EBI)
Dr. James Watson (EBI)
Dr. Hideya Kawaji (OSC)
Ms. Jessica Severin (OSC)

Please use the links below or contact [email protected] (for application related questions) and [email protected] (for other questions)

From 08 Sep 2011
Until 09 Sep 2011
RIKEN Yokohama Institute, Japan
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