International Food and Agricultural Congress which will be held from February 15 to 19, 2012 in Antalya, Turkey. The organizers of the congress are Turkish Agriculture Federation and Middle East Technical University Food Engineering Department

Turkey’s different geographic regions and different organizations working in the field of agriculture and related sectors, researchers from different provinces and organizations will come together to exchange knowledge, and experiences.
The Congress will be a great opportunity to show the contributions has been made Eurasia to the world food and agriculture during the last 200 years and what to offer for next 50 years. Also 65 countries and more then 1500 participants will be there. The congress will include;symposiums, panels, workshops, bilateral and multilateral meetings, business forum, award ceremony, opening and closing sesions, exhibitons and other related programs will make it possible direct contact among parties for networking.
The Congress topics will be on the following themes;
• Recent developments in soil, water, mechanization, alternative agricultural technologies and renewable energies.
• Recent development in climatic changes
• Recent development in livestock, poultry and fisheries production.
• Strategies of food, hunger, obesity, nutrition and health problems at the local, regional, national and international platforms.
• Information technologies in food and agriculture.
• Food safety and traceability technologies, national legal infrastructure and food inspection system.
• Laboratory and automation application in food beverage, biotechnology and nutraceutical technologies.
• Recent product and process developments nanotechnologies in food and agriculture.
• New strategies in food packaging
• Employment, rural quality of life, prices, import-export, commodity exchange markets, licensed warehousing and cluster analysis in food and agriculture.
• Financing credits and agricultural subsidies in Turkey.
• Interactions between agricultural production and retailing in Turkey.
• International Halal Certifications
• Molecular Gastronomy

From 15 Feb 2012
Until 19 Feb 2012
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