Visions of Peace, Memories of War: Filmic Representations of World War II in China, Japan and Korea

The Department of Chinese Culture of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University will host an international conference at Room M1603, Li Ka Shing Tower, 23-25 February 2012. The conference is open to members of the public.

Although the Second World War ended more than 60 years ago, its memories continue to shape the way Asian countries relate to each other and envision their collective future. In the films of China, Japan and Korea, this tragic event in human history continues to occupy an important place, making this visual art form an ideal medium to explore the evolving attitude towards war and peace in Asia.

The Conference will bring together 19 international scholars from various countries in Asia, Europe, North America and the South Pacific region to examine the depiction of World War II in the films of China, Japan and Korea from a multiplicity of perspectives. The conference is expected to spawn more collaborative endeavors in other locations in the Asia-Pacific region on related themes and involving an enlarging circle of researchers.

The opening ceremony of the Conference will be held in Room M1603, Li Ka Shing Tower on PolyU campus from 9:00 am to 9:30 am on 23 February. PolyU President Professor Timothy Tong, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Professor Huang Chu-ren and Professor Chu Hung-lam of the Department of Chinese Culture will officiate at the ceremony and give their welcoming remarks.

In addition to the Conference at PolyU, the conference participants will hold a discussion with the research staff of the Hong Kong Film Archive and film critics on 26 February 2012.

The Conference is supported by the Faculty of Humanities and the Japan Foundation. For further details, please visit the Conference's official website.


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