COMANA 2012 - The Conference for Managers

COMANA 2012 aims to be a platform for all managers to participate and gain further insights into tapping their creativity and initiating innovative ideas. It will also be an opportunity for all managers from various sectors to meet and extend their network.


To understand the crucial roles of a manager in creating an innovative and creative working environment;

To explore and foster cost-effective work cultures capable of meeting the challenges of the future;

To encourage managers in developing strategies for continual self-improvement;

To imbue innovative and creative skills among managers by siphoning knowledge from the captains of industry and subject matter experts.

To identify and utilize appropriate management tools to extract creative juices of the whole workforce towards continual development of the organization.


Registration Day (Wednesday, 16 May 2012)

1400-1700 Registration

Day 1 (Thursday, 17 May 2012)

0800-0900 Registration

0900-1030 Opening Keynote Address : Leadership & Innovation by Prof Emeritus Dato’ Dr Zawawi Ismail, Chairman, Board of Directors, USM

1030-1100 Refreshment

1100-1300 Paper 1 : Re-engineering Innovation by Prof Dato’ Dr Mohd Yusof Hj Othman, Professor, Department of Physics, UKM

1300-1400 Lunch / Zohor Prayer

1430-1630 Paper 2 : Geared For Innovation: Changing Mindsets by Prof Dr Abd Rahman Deen, Profesor, Faculty of Business Management, UiTM Sarawak

1630-1700 Refreshment & Break

Day 2 (Friday, 18 May 2012)

0800-1000 Paper 3 : The Challenges to Academic Autonomy by Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Founding Chief Executive, IDEAS

1000-1030 Refreshment

1030-1200 Paper 4 : Towards Financial Autonomy by Fazlur Rahman Zainuddin, Chief Financial Officer, Naza Group of Companies

1200-1430 Lunch & Friday Prayer

1430-1630 Paper 5 : Spotting the 8th Monkey: Prequel to Problem Solving by Datuk Dr Mohamed Arif Nun, Chief Executive Officer, Multimedia Development Corporation

1630-1700 Resolution & Closing

Registration is online, please visit the COMANA 2012 website for further details

From 16 May 2012
Until 18 May 2012
Kuching, Malaysia
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