CCP2012 - Conference on Computational Physics

The aim of the conference is mainly to report and discuss the most recent topics in computational physics and its applications to research and industry. It treats with particular care also issues related to education in developing countries without enough infrastructure for computation.

In 2012 the CCP will be organized in Kobe, Japan, also in the occasion of the opening of the K computer (presently ranked first of the TOP500) to the international community: starting from November 2012 applications for using K will be publicly accepted.
We propose to organize the Japanese CCP meeting a little differently from the previous ones. Our goal is to encourage strong communication among different fields and to foster new collaborations between fundamental research and applications, through the commonality of numerical methods.

Please visit the CCP2012 website for further details.

From 14 Oct 2012
Until 18 Oct 2012
Kobe, Japan
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