Green Enterprise Summit, 2012

GES 2012 is an attempt to bring together all green economy stakeholders on a single platform to discuss, to deliberate upon, share knowledge and best practices with regard to the problems, challenges and issues confronting green enterprise segment of the economy.

Submission of Papers

GES 2012 welcomes submission of papers covering the green businesses/enterprises, opportunities and approaches with various aspects and benefits of greening the businesses. Submissions can be research papers both theoretical and empirical studies, company presentations, product-technology showcases and best practices from industry practitioners, professionals, academicians, researchers, research scholars, policy level people, NGO professionals and others.

• Green technology; innovations in the field of green technology; Green IT
• Green financing; Global Trends in Green Finance; green micro finance
• Promoting private investment to build green infrastructure
• Clean Energy; sustainable energy business opportunities & challenges ; green fuel entrepreneurship
• Green marketing
• Waste management; recycling industry
• Green enterprise ideas ; emerging green sectors
• Setting up your green enterprise
• Carbon trading market
• Sustainability reporting; responsible businesses; CSR
• Skill development for a green economy and green enterprises

Abstract Submission
The last date for submission of Abstract (600 words maximum) would be June 12, 2012.

Final paper

The last date for final paper (5000 words maximum) submission is June 19, 2012.

Please send your submissions electronically to < [email protected]>

All the accepted papers will be published as an edited volume titled, “Greening the future, an enterprise oriented approach”, immediately after the summit.

Partner with us:
Those companies, industries/corporates, industry associations, NGOs, Business & Management institutions, Technology – technical Institutes, Universities and media houses who are interested in associating with us in making this mega event a success are very welcome.

For more details please contact:

Dr. P. Koshy: 91-8470063810; 91-9953871432 < [email protected] >
Mr. Bhavesh Jha: 91-9971635600 < [email protected] >

From 23 Jun 2012
Until 23 Jun 2012
New Delhi, India
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