ETPL - Distinguished Technopreneur Speaker Forum

This is the 7th Distinguished Technopreneur Speaker Forum organized by A*STAR's Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL), Singapore

For many, the most dramatic triumph of modern biology has been the sequencing of the human genome. Although scientists can now read the human DNA language letter-by-letter, countless individual dialects remain to be discovered and explored.

Dr Stephen Turner founded Pacific Biosciences in his pursuit to develop technology capable of performing gene tests and DNA sequencing at the cost of $1,000 or less. Despite difficulties in surviving on small grants, his determination and perseverance has put him in the lead to develop the disruptive single molecule real-time (SMRTTM) technology platform that is unique in the field of DNA sequencing and offers the ultimate combination of speed, long reads and low costs. With this inexpensive whole-genome DNA scan becoming available to the broader scientific community, researchers can better understand the role of epigenetics in health and disease. Healthcare providers could potentially choose effective, personalised treatments in an office or clinic setting.

ETPL has the honour of inviting Dr Turner to share his entrepreneurial experience with entrepreneurs, industry professionals, researchers and academia in Singapore to explore the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dr Turner will speak on the role that technology through entrepreneurship can play in Singapore's portfolio of preparations for the coming decades. As Pacific Biosciences is based in Silicon Valley's Menlo Park, he will cover elements of how Silicon Valley began as a technology entrepreneurship hub and discuss how some of those lessons can be adapted to Singapore’s situation.

A*STAR Chairman, Mr Lim Chuan Poh, will be the Guest of Honour.

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From 24 Jul 2014
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