NIMS 37th GREEN Open Seminar

GREEN Open Seminar will be held on 21st October, 2014, to have a lecture by Dr. Hiroaki Benten, Assistant Professor, Department of Polymer Chemistry, Kyoto University.

GREEN is challenging to solve common problems in Energy flow from in conversion of solar light to electric power. It carries out fundamental research and development to create new materials with its keywords "Understanding and Controlling Phenomena at Surfaces and Interfaces." Its focus is researches of photovoltaics, photocatslysis, rechargeable batteries, and fuel cells by taking advantage of computational theoretical analysis of surface/interface and advanced characterization techniques.

GREEN challenges to establish a worldwide research center by promoting integration of different fields and collaboration of industry, government, and academia and gathering together high level nanomaterials science technologies and research potential of Japan.

ABSTRACT for the 37th GREEN open seminar (printable version available from the link of NIMS website below)

Theme: Phase-Separated Nanostructure and Local Electrical Properties of Conjugated Polymer Films Studied by Conductive AFM

Conjugated polymer-based solar cells have gained increasing attention as a possible inexpensive source of renewable energy owing to their advantages such as high throughput and large-area production with low-cost printing processes. To optimize the device performance, the phase-separated nanostructures and local electrical properties of conjugated polymer blends must be characterized since they are closely related to both the generation and transport of charge carriers and thus the overall device performances. Conductive atomic force microscopy (C-AFM) is a powerful tool for characterizing conductive thin films with a few tens of nanometers resolution. In this seminar, we will show our recent study on the investigation of nanostructure and local electrical properties of conjugated polymer films by C-AFM.

The seminar will be delivered in Japanese accompanied by presentation materials in English.

From 21 Oct 2014
Until 21 Oct 2014
Namiki-site, NIMS, Ibaraki, Japan
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