International Conference of Eco-friendly Applied Biological Control of Agricultural Pests and Phytopathogens

international agencies to present and exchange expertise of all regional aspects of Biological Control, including recent development related to environment – friendly pest management strategies

Conference Topics
1. Natural enemies in Pest Control, 2. Microbial Control of Pests and Diseases, 3. Botanical Control of Pests and Diseases, 4. Bio-nano-insecticides for Pests and Phytopathogens Control, 5. Eco-friendly Control of Weeds, 6. Eco-friendly Control of Phytopathogens, 7. Effect of Environmental Changes on Pests, Phytopathogens and Natural enemies 8. Bio-pesticides and Food Chains 9. Compatibility of Bio-pesticides and other Biocontrol Agents 10. Bio-pesticides Formulation and Marketing 11. Bio-pesticides and their Safety against Fauna, Flora and Environment 12. Bio-pesticides and Modern Agriculture 13. Use of Computer Programs and Expert Systems in Pest Control, 14. Genetic Engineering and Pest Control.

From 20 Oct 2015
Until 23 Oct 2015
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