PolyU hosts the 6th University Scholars Leadership Symposium to nurture next generation to be future leaders

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom (HA) will jointly organize the 6th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) which will be held from 1 to 7 August 2015 in Hong Kong.

Themed on “Enrich, Educate, Enlighten”, this annual international symposium is the first-ever in Hong Kong, and it aims to impart the next generation with valuable life-skills, confidence, independence and competitiveness required of future leaders.

Over 800 outstanding students from top universities around the world including Harvard University, University of Oxford, Stanford University, Yale University and National University of Singapore, etc, as well as university students from Hong Kong will bring together to join this international leadership symposium. A number of renowned speakers from around the globe, and local leaders including Dr Thomas Chan Sze-tong, Former National Director of World Vision China and Dr Rosanna Wong Yick-ming, Executive Director of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, will share their insightful experience and tips to young delegates on ways to fulfil their dreams and goals. Through this international event, young delegates are not only offered opportunities to learn from these inspiring speakers, but also through forums, dialogue with leaders, and outreach learning journey. They will be connected with international student networks and will develop friendship with the world’s future leaders. It is envisaged that the symposium will establish an effective and sustainable platform to connect students from world renowned universities to share their insights on leadership and contribute to the advancement of university social responsibility worldwide.

Professor Angelina Yuen, Vice President (Institutional Advancement and Partnership) of PolyU emphasized, “Education is not just about knowledge or expertise, it is also about the attitudes and values. PolyU is striving to nurture our next generation to be socially responsible leaders with serving heart and passion to pursue their dreams. PolyU shares the same goal with HA in our common endeavor to nurture future leaders who can serve the needy with professional knowledge and skills. In this connection, PolyU is the only university in Hong Kong which provides students with opportunities to engage in community services through the introduction of credit-bearing service-learning subjects since 2012. During the course of the symposium, PolyU will also provide opportunities for young delegates to apply their personal and professional skills to serve the needy in the community through their participation in a one-day outreach learning journey in collaboration with local NGOs.”

Mr Kim SOLOMON, Secretary-General of HA explained, “HA is a London based Social Enterprise, it aims to nurture young people into world-class citizens so as to alleviate the problems of communities in need. We trust that by providing young leaders the opportunities to partake in socially beneficial activities and encountering different cultures will foster their development on both the intellectual and emotional capacity to care for those beyond themselves. In this annual Symposium, we aspire to transform momentary feelings of compassion into a long-lasting sense of responsibility and empathy for the less privileged communities.”

USLS is an international leadership programme for outstanding youngsters to gain a unique out-of-classroom learning experience and training to develop their all-round abilities for being the future leaders. Applicants will undergo a systematic screening process. Successful applicants will be able to enhance their self-perception and build upon their leadership presence during the intensive a week-long programme. USLS is now open for application. Interested parties can visit the official website at www.universityscholars.org.uk.

From 05 May 2015
Until 01 Sep 2015
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