Frost & Sullivan - GIL 2015: Asia Pacific

The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership 15 October 2015, Conrad Centinnial Singapore

Dear Colleague,

In our fourth consecutive year, it is our pleasure to take this opportunity to invite you to join us as we continue our Journey
to Visionary Innovation at GIL 2015: Asia Pacific. Join some of today's greatest innovators and visionary thinkers as we
explore the world of Convergence and The Connected World.

We are inspired and even more enthused about the unlimited potential that exists in our quest for excellence driven by all
the monumental and innovative visionary perspectives. Such potential is being shared in more than 20 countries around the
globe, by nearly 1 million business executives like yourself from 33 industries and 10 critical career functions for driving
growth. GIL Global continues to be the only network of its kind supporting innovative, futuristic and visionary thinking to
grow companies and careers.

This year we are proud to welcome Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Best Practices Award recipients and their management teams
to our GIL community.These distinguished guests of visionaries, innovators and leaders represent today's “Best-in-Class”
organizations and visionary leaders, which is just one of the many reasons you won't want to miss GIL 2015:Asia Pacific.
Reinforce your commitment to Growth, Innovation and Leadership and join our 2015 Journey to Visionary Innovation today.

We look forward to seeing you at GIL 2015:Asia Pacific.

Aroop Zutshi
Global President & Managing Partner,
Frost & Sullivan

From 15 Oct 2015
Until 15 Oct 2015
Conrad Centinnial Singapore
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