"The Health of the Body is in the Blood" HealthPraxisAsia International Health Symposia and Fair

This annual event will present the latest research in medical, dental and life sciences with a special theme on "The Health of the Body is in the Blood" where the focus will be on the various disorders associated with the blood.

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HealthPraxisAsia - International Symposia and Fair - is the unique educational environment devoted to furthering the knowledge of clinicians and all healthcare practitioners in which the latest in research in the medical, dental and life sciences - as it impacts on the quality of healthcare, in the protection, maintenance and improvement of the health of the individual - is shared in the form of workshops, seminars, lectures and public forums.

Held annually in Malaysia, the event will draw on the expertise and experience of practitioners and researchers from around the world. HealthPraxisAsia will present the latest in the area of evidence based healthcare practice in educational sessions that are clinically relevant.

This year's theme is "The Health of the Body is in the Blood" where we look at the various disorders associated with the blood especially hypertension. Also covered are topics on oral health, ophthalmology, pharmacology, sports medicine, military medicine and integrated medicine.

Communication is at the heart of any effort that endeavours to bring about healthcare integration. This presents unprecedented challenges in efforts to develop working relationships with all healthcare professionals and staff, the public and the various agencies, in planning improvements for the provision and delivery of healthcare.

HealthPraxisAsia, International Health Symposia and Fair, forms part of our efforts to communicate healthcare between clinicians and all health professionals and consumers with the entire healthcare industry as well as the centres of research in the life sciences, through educational sessions and publications.

From 16 Nov 2005
Until 19 Nov 2005
Putrajaya, Malaysia
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