International Conference on Natural Farming and Farmers' Knowledge Incoroprating Seminar on 'Transgenic Plants: A Challenge to Natural Farming and Nature Survival'

Incoroprating Seminar on 'Transgenic Plants: A Challenge to Natural Farming and Nature Survival' on March 14, 2006.

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10-C Friends Colony,
Hisar-125001, India
Telephone: +91 1662 229163
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The Organic Agriculture Movement, sustained by the curious and exceptionally innovative farmers the world over, is playing a pivotal role in not merely sensitizing the humanity about ill effects of so called modern agriculture at global level but is silently opening up new frontiers of science and technology to address critical issues of health and ecology facing our planet. This international conference aims at bringing together contemporary practitioners of formal and informal agricultural science so as to help evolve economically and ecologically viable alternatives to chemical based intensive agriculture which are viable both.

In addition to showcasing the international excellence in the field of natural farming sector this truly global event brings together the leaders from agriculture, food and allied industry; international business houses, policy makers and consumer interest groups.

Major Themes:

1. Farmers' Knowledge in Crop Production, Animal Husbandry and Human Health

2. Modern Crop Production and Animal Husbandry Technologies

3. Impact of Modern Technology on Farmers' Knowledge and impact of Farmers' Knowledge on Modern Technology

4. International Trade, Market Development, Economics and Policy for Natural Farming

5. Agricultural Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights

6. Conservation of Genetic and Ecological Knowledge Resources

7. Religious and Ancient Systems of Knowledge and Philosophy in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

8. Food Safety, Health & Agriculture

9. Women in Agriculture

Concurrent Sessions on Certification and Organic Standards; Biodynamic Agriculture, Vedic Agriculture, Education & Training in Natural Farming; Renewable Farm Energy; Nutrition and Public Health; and Social Marketing will be organised.

Revised Abstract Submission Date (with late fee of Rs 800/US$ 250**): 31 December, 2005

Revised Abstract Submission Date (with late fee of Rs 1100/US$ 300**): 31 January, 2006

Please Pay the Processing fee@ in favour of 'Dr S K Kaura' (the honorary organising secretary of ICNFFK-2006) through bank cheque / postal money order/western union money transfer.

@does not cover accomodation, food other charges at conference

*for Indian delegates
**for foreign delegates

Participant who are Indian Residents should pay the fee through bank cheque or money order / or western union money transfer in favour of 'Dr S K Kaura' (the honorary organising secretary of ICNFFK-2006).

Participants who are not Indian Residents should Contact Us for advise on how to pay the processing fee for the conference.

For further information on how to pay or availing fee concession or travel grant or any other query contact Dr S K Kaura, Conference Secretariat, 10-C Friends Colony, Hisar-125001, India. (Phone +91 1662 229163)

Revised Paper Submission Date: 31 January, 2006 (Papers can be accepted even after 31 January, 2006 on request.)

Abstract automatically qualify for publication in monthly e-Journal Farm Reporter

Abstracts, full papers should be sent to International Coordinator, ICNFFK-2006, 10-C Friends Colony, Hisar-125001, India by Email/post/floppy. When sending by post also send digital version of your paper/contribution in floppy/compact disc.

Hisar, the host city of the conference, was once the capital of emperors like Firoze Shah, is just three hours drive from New Delhi. Hiar is also connected by rail with New Delhi & other major cities & metros of India.

People of Hisar have the priviledge of having one medical college, one agricultural university of international repute, one technical university, national level institue on horses, national level institue on Buffalo. Hisar is also known as the hub of natural farming in north India and is a major export quality steel producer city of India.

Farmers can send their field experiments/observations in advance. Farmers would be encouraged to make presentations. A small farmer fair would be organised along with the Nature Expo on the conference site which would enable small farmers to exhibit natural farm products and their innovative farm practices.

Indigenous Seed Fair: Farmers are encouraged to bring indigenous seeds for mutual exchange.

Students from universities, colleges and schools are encouraged to participate. They can contribute a small essay of about 500 words on the Importance of Natural Farming for Human Health / Importance of Nautral Farming for Ecological Balance / Imprtance of Farmers' Knowledge for Success of Natural Farming / How the genetically engineered and tissue culture raised crops are threatening the survival of life on earth.

The best 200 students would be invited to the conference and other events and all the participants would be given honorary membership of Natural Farming Network, which entitles to various free facilities including the Free Online Courses Offered by the Open Farmer University, Open Yoga University and otehr sister organisations.

Supplementary Events at the Conference
(With International Faculty)

International Workshop on ‘Emerging trends in Research Methodologies for Natural Farming’, March 17, 2006 (Participation fee Rs 1500)

Advance Course on ‘Recent Advances in Organic Inspection and Certification in Natural Farming Systems’, March 18-19, 2006 (Participation fee Rs 2500)

Workshop on Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama and Vedic Meditation, March 20-21, 2006. (Participation fee Rs 2200)

Workshop on Homa-Therapy in Agriculture and Medicine’, March 22, 2006. (Participation fee Rs 800)

Advance Course in Biodynamic Agriculture, March 23-24, 2006. (Participation fee Rs 5000)

Advance Course on Yogic and Ayurvedic Principles of Health Management, March 25, 2006. (Participation fee Rs 1500)

Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture & Farmers' Knowledge, March 26, 2006 (Participation fee Rs 1500)

Workshop on Technological Grassroots Innovations in Agriculture: Their Management, Valuation, Value Addition and Commercialisation Hisar, March 27, 2006.(Participation fee Rs 1600)

Advance Course on Ayurvedic Principles of Crop and Animal HusbandryHisar, March 28, 2006.(Participation fee Rs 1500)

Advance Course on Innovations in Renewable Energy Technologies Hisar, March 29-30, 2006. (Participation fee Rs 1200)

Advance Course on Organic Food Trade and Export Management, March 31, 2006. (Participation fee Rs 2000)

Quality Assurance and Evolution of Organic Standards, April 1-2, 2006. (Participation fee Rs 5000)

The above courses are meant for experts as well as starters both.
On one hand these courses will update you on the recent advances in the concerned field, while giving you a firm elementary knowledge and supportive literature on the subject matter.
During the above courses, participants would come in contact with the most learned and respected leaders of their respective subjects.

You can also Propose A Supplementary Event Which You Wish to Conduct or Offer to the Conference Participants or simply suggest an event which can help the participants.

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Enquiries from National & International potential Sponsors, Collaborators, Associates, Media Associates, Volunteers, Donors are solicited

Organized by Natural Farming Network in association with National Indigenous Knowledge Exchange

Sponsored by: agriTel (International organization involved in research, communication, consultancy, education and training in natural farming and allied fields of agriculture and health)

From 14 Mar 2006
Until 16 Mar 2006
Hisar, Haryana, India
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