United Kingdom
IOP Publishing provides publications through which leading-edge scientific research is distributed worldwide. ...
Kavli IPMU is founded as an international research institution addressing fundamental questions about the universe. ...
Saudi Arabia
KAUST is an international, graduate-level research university located on the shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.
South Korea
KAIST was established in 1971 to model a research focused university and to foster elite human resources in science and technology needed by the nation and has become a well-respected member of the worldwide science community.
Kyoto University is one of Japan and Asia's premier research institutions, founded in 1897 and responsible for producing numerous Nobel laureates...
Nagoya University is one of the top Universities in Japan. Nagoya University has 9 undergraduate schools, 14 graduate schools, more than 30 research institutes and centres, and it is recognized as one of the Japan's core comprehensive universities. Nagoya University now has 6 Novel laureates to its name.
National Astronomial Observatory of Japan
To be innovators striving to solve the mysteries of the Universe.
NIMS is a research institution specializing in materials research in metals, organic or inorganic substances.
The National University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore’s flagship university, which offers a global approach to education, research and entrepreneurship, with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise.
In 1973, Qatar’s first national College of Education was founded following a decree by the Emir of Qatar in his vision to place education as a...